Massimo Bignardi

Antonio Ambrosino uses a software to elaborate his own vision of things, or to better to build an aggravating imaginary reality. The first level is the suggestion offered by the copy-machine: the fixed paper, the static image to duplicate. Ambrosino substitutes fragments, details of his own body, charged with energy, caught in their own action, in the gestures that modify the image. The image printed by the copy-machine becomes the matrix the artist subsequently intervenes on by using an electronic palette: the change in tones, the insertion of new and altered colors (essentially acid colors), the writing of signs which assume the value of painting.



13 - 2005/09 - light box auto stabile - 120 x 150 x 50 cm
18 - 2005-07 - unpublished
8 - 2005-07 - unpublished
21 - 2005-07 - unpublished